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Installing lastfmsubmitd to use with GSSMP


The Ubuntu lastfmsubmitd package is missing a vital piece, which is the lastfmsubmit program (note the lack of a "d" at the end).

To use lastfmsubmit on Ubuntu, do this:

sudo apt-get install lastfmsubmitd

and then download the lastfmsubmitd source tarball from here: http://www.red-bean.com/~decklin/software/lastfmsubmitd/lastfmsubmitd-0.35.tar.bz2

And unzip it and copy the lastfmsubmit program into your path like this:

tar -xjf lastfmsubmitd-0.35.tar.bz2
sudo cp lastfmsubmitd-0.35/lastfmsubmit /usr/bin

Now GSSMP should allow you to check the box to turn on last.fm submission.

Note: if you use a tarball later than version 0.35, everything is more difficult since you need the client.py module as well as the lastfmsubmit file.

Other distros

It looks likely that you will have to do a similar thing to Ubuntu users: install the lastfmsubmitd package and manually copy the lastfmsubmit program from the source tarball of version 0.35. Let me know if you manage it on your distro and I'll be glad to put more detailed instructions here.

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